Chinese Party-State Tightens Noose on Religion
Church leaders in Hebei describe list of instructions as ‘incomprehensible’
October 2, 2019
Ban on under-18s impacts priestly vocation as Beijing tightens its control over Church
September 26, 2019
Faithful celebrate feast day in the face of official antagonism and restrictions in Shanxi
September 20, 2019
Official paper insists religious groups must toe the party line and practice core socialist values
September 12, 2019
Churches and gathering points in Shenyang have been sealed off as Catholics fear for the underground church's future
September 10, 2019
Christians fear for future as religious references are removed from literary classics
August 8, 2019
Church leaders forced to scrap summer camps, disguise bible classes to avoid recriminations
August 6, 2019
US Ministerial denounces Beijing for suppressing religious freedom, but 'official' Chinese Catholic Church condemns US hype
July 25, 2019
A time may come when the CCP is no longer ruling China and Falun Gong is again a popular, permitted public activity
July 19, 2019
Church members in Xingtai worry about a return of Cultural Revolution-style repression
July 18, 2019
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